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May 2014

Manufacturer stands by Xpert tuberculosis test after India study questions its reliability, 2014-Download [Link]

March 2014

International Standards for TB Care 3rd Edition, 2014 - Download [Link]

December 2013 

UNITAID: Tuberculosis Diagnostic - Technology and Market Landscape 2013, semi-annual update. Download [Link]

August 2013

Priorities for Tuberculosis research : A report of the Disease reference groupon TB, leprosy and Buruli ulcer - Download [Link]

July 2013

UNITAID: TB diagnostic technology landscape 2013 - Download [Link]

April 2013

Alignment of new tuberculosis drug regimens and drug
susceptibility testing: a framework for action[Link]
Tuberculosis diagnostics: test developers’ FAQs [Link]

January 2013

Cochrane review on Xpert MTB/RIF published (2013) - More Information [Link]

December 2012

UNITAID Tuberculosis Diagnostic Technology Landscape Annual Update (2012) - More Information [Link]
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Epidemic Modeling of Tuberculosis at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - More Information [Link]

October 2012

COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: Advanced TB Diagnostic Research, Montreal, July 2013 - More Information [Link]

September 2012

New tuberculosis technologies: challenges for retooling
and scale-up - More Information [Link]
Point-of-Care Testing for Infectious Diseases: Diversity,
Complexity, and Barriers in Low- And Middle-Income
Countries - More Information [Link]

August 2012

Diagnostics Innovation in China: Bringing TB and HIV Molecular Diagnostics to Market (Shanghai, China) 25-26 September 2012 - More Information [Link]
TAG 2012 Pipeline Report - More Information [Link]
African Society for Laboratory Medicine 1st International Conference ASLM2012 - More Information [Link]

July 2012

TB REACH launches call for proposals for Wave 3

TB REACH, an initiative of the Stop TB Partnership to promote early and increased TB case detection, has launched its call for applications for Wave 3 funding. Partners of the Stop TB Partnership, national TB programs, HIV programs, local and international NGOs, civil society and community-based organizations can apply for this fast-track funding for early and increased TB case detection among poor, vulnerable and at-risk populations.

For Wave 3, TB REACH will have two separate funding tracks:

1. General Wave 3 Track: This funding track is open to applicants from 86 eligible countries and is for one-year projects to improve TB case finding for up to $US 1 million.

2. UNITAID Xpert Track: This funding track is open to applicants in 19 countries who wish to implement Xpert MTB/RIF scale up interventions using innovative approaches. Grants under this funding track are for two years and for up to $US 1 million. Proposals should focus on rolling out Xpert MTB/RIF technology to improve case finding.

Click here for details and key information, including eligibility criteria, examples of suitable interventions, technical guidance, application form and instructions for applicants.

Deadline for applications: 17 September 2012
UnitAid 2012 - Tuberculosis: Diagnostic Technology Landscape - More Information [Link]
New Workshop: Introduction to TB Modelling: 8-10 November 2012

New Delhi, India - More Information [Link]
India bans TB serological tests - More Information [Link]

June 2012

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tuberculosis Diagnostic Research at McGill University - More Information [Link]
A report from the American Academy of Microbiology: Bringing the lab to the patient - developing point-of-care diagnostics for resource limited settings - Download [Link]

May 2012

Promise versus reality: optimism bias in package inserts of tuberculosis diagnostics [Link]

April 2012

WHO releases Overview of approaches, guidelines and tools for early detection of tuberculosis [Link]
New section: Consensus Statements on TB Diagnostic Research in Children - [Link]

February 2012

NBR: Improving the Diagnostic Ecosystem: A Critical Step in Controlling the TB Epidemic in India and Globally - Download [Link]
Two new studies on TB serology use in high burden countries, and why these tests are popular in the private sector in India:

1. Widespread use of serological tests for tuberculosis: data from 22 high-burden countries - Download [Link]

2. Why are inaccurate tuberculosis serological tests widely used in the Indian private healthcare sector? A root-cause analysis - Download [Link] 025.jpg

January 2012

Advanced TB Diagnostic Research Courses Announced (Cape Town and Montréal) An intensive, high-level course on TB diagnostic research methods - More information:

Cape Town:[Link]
Montréal: [Link]

December 2011

The Stop TB Partnership announced the winners of the Award for Excellence in Reporting on TB. The journalism award recognizes outstanding reporting and commentary in print and on the web that materially increases the public's knowledge and understanding of TB and multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), in countries affected by the disease. The Partnership confers first, second, and third prizes in two categories: for journalists based in low- and middle-income countries and those based in high-income countries. First prize high income category (US$ 3000) went to Michael Specter of the United States. His feature in the New Yorker, "A Deadly Misdiagnosis", warns of the dangers of TB misdiagnosis in India, which has the highest rate of TB in the world and also points to recently developed molecular tests as offering hope.
What Research is Needed to Stop TB? Introducing the TB Research Movement - Download [Link]

An International Roadmap for Tuberculosis Research, Stop TB Partnership & WHO - Download [Link]

November 2011

Who Practical Directory of New Advances - More Information [Link]

October 2011

News: Training Opportunity on MODS, NRA and CRI (Africa, Asia)
- More Information [Africa][Asia]
StopTB, The Global Fund and WHO release Priorities in Operational Research to Improve Tuberculosis Care and Control - More Information [Link]
The new face of tuberculosis diagnosis - More Information[Link]

August 2011

TREAT TB Launches Xpert MTB/RIF Research Mapping Tool

In late 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Xpert MTB/RIF, a highly sensitive, easy-to-use nucleic acid amplification test that rapidly identifies drug-sensitive and rifampicin-resistant TB. In its recommendation, WHO emphasized the urgent need to further assess Xpert MTB/RIF through research.

In response to these exciting developments, TREAT TB decided, with support from WHO, to create a webtool that provides a comprehensive overview of ongoing research activities assessing Xpert MTB/RIF worldwide. Over the past few months, TREAT TB collected information from researchers working on Xpert MTB/RIF-related projects and developed an interactive mapping tool, providing detailed information on 22 research projects in 15 countries. This initiative aims to be complimentary to WHO's efforts to monitor Xpert MTB/RIF roll-out, which can be followed on the

Who Website,

Researchers conducting projects assessing Xpert MTB/RIF are invited to add their information via the link provided on the Mapping Tool website.

We hope that this mapping tool will be a valuable resource for the global health community. For more information on the tool please contact
Two new papers on Serological Testing for the Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis:

1. Steingart KR et al. Commercial Serological Tests for the Diagnosis of Active Pulmonary and Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. PLoS Med 2011; 8(8): e1001062. [Link]
2. Dowdy DW et al. Serological Testing Versus Other Strategies for Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis in India: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. PLoS Med 2011;8(8): e1001074.[Link]

Further information: Pai M, Dowdy DW, Steingart KR. Medical, public health and economic consequences of bad diagnostics for tuberculosis. Speaking of Medicine, 9 August 2011. [Link]
TAG, TBHIV and ICL Release Report: Towards Lab-Free Tuberculosis Diagnosis - More Information [Link]
Indian TB Control Programme issues an advisory against serological TB tests - More Information [Link]

July 2011

WHO warns against the use of inaccurate blood tests for active tuberculosis (TB) - More Information [Link]
Tuberculosis Serodiagnostic Tests Policy Statement 2011
Commercial Serodiagnostic Tests for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Policy Statement [Download][Download]
An Evaluation of Drug-Resistant TB Treatment Scale-Up - More Information [Link]

June 2011

WHO Rapid Implementation of the Xpert MTB/RIF Diagnostic Test, 2011 - More Information [Link]

May 2011

Conference: TB Diagnostics in India: From importation and imitation to innovation - More Information [Link]

April 2011

Meeting Report from the International Symposium on TB Diagnostics: Innovating to Make an Impact - More Information [Link]
Lancet publishes a multi-country implementation study on Xpert MTB/RIF - More Information [Link]
Article: Improving TB diagnosis: difference between knowing the path and walking the path - More Information [Link]
Improving TB diagnosis in India: What will it take? - More Information [Link]

March 2011

RECENTLY PUBLISHED: The BCG World Atlas: A Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices - More Information , [Link]

February 2011

Advanced TB Diagnostic Research Course Offered: An intensive, high-level course on TB diagnostic research methods (July 5-8, 2011) Canada - More Information [Link]
G-FINDER report 2010. Neglected Disease Research and Development: Is the Global Financial Crisis Changing R&D? - More Information [Link]
Gates Foundation Grant Opportunity: Tuberculosis Biomarkers. - More Information [Link]
Collection of Studies on TB Culture Methods Released on - More Information [Link]
New Diagnostics Working Group Winter Newsletter Released - More Information [Link]

January 2011

Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Detection of Tuberculosis Disease (15 March 2011) - More Information [Link]
Advanced TB Diagnostic Research Course Offered: An intensive, high-level course on TB diagnostic research methods (July 5-8, 2011) Canada - More Information [Link]
MODS now available as a standardized kit. - More Information [Link]
Lancet World Report: WHO recommends against inaccurate tuberculosis tests. - More Information [Link]

December 2010

STAG/WHO endorses negative policy recommendations on commercial serological tests for TB diagnosis. - More Information [Link]
E-Alert: WHO Endorses New Rapid Tuberculosis Test. - More Information [Link]
Stop TB Tuberculosis Research Survey: Please participate to help TB Research Moving Forward. - More Information [Link]

November 2010

ARTICLE: The Scandal of TB Misdiagnosis. - More Information [Link]
Lancet published news report on point-of-care diagnosis for TB. - More Information [Link]
New Yorker publishes article on TB diagnosis in India. - More Information [Link]

October 2010

The Global Plan to Stop TB 2011-2015: Transforming the Fight-Towards Elimination of Tuberculosis. - More Information [Link]

September 2010

Tuberculosis Diagnostic Research: Beyond the Basics- An intensive course on TB Diagnostic research methods - from basics to advanced techniques. - More Information [Link]
Large-scale trial of Xpert MTB/RIF published in NEJM. - More Information [Link]
Meta-analysis of MODS and TLA published in Lancet Infectious Diseases. - More Information [Link]

August 2010

BIO Venture for Global Health publishes The Diagnostic Innovation Map - Medical Diagnostics for the Unmet Needs of the Developing World. - More Information [Link]
WHO announces new policies on microscopy and non-commercial culture methods. - More Information [Link]

July 2010

International Symposium on: TB Diagnostics: Innovating to Make an Impact. December 16 - 17, 2010, New Delhi, India. - More Information [Link]
Funding opportunity for TB diagnostics from FDA's Critical Path Initiative. - More Information [Link]
CDC released updated guidelines for IGRAs. - More Information [Link]

May 2010

Lancet publishes special series on tuberculosis. - More Information [Link]
TB diagnostics in the spotlight by TDR. - More Information [Link]

April 2010

New systematic review published on bleach microscopy. - More Information [Link]
STAG-TB endorses LED microscopy, same-day smear diagnosis, and selected non-commercial rapid culture methods. - More Information [Link]

February 2010

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued guidance on Bayesian statistical methods in the design and analysis of medical device clinical trials that could result in less costly and more efficient patient studies. - More Information [Link]

January 2010

CDC Issues a new grant, "Building Global Capacity for Diagnostic Testing of Tuberculosis, Malaria, and HIV Through Laboratory Strengthening and Integration of Services under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) (CDC-RFA-PS10-10121)." The purpose of this program is to provide technical assistance to build indigenous capacity for TB-oriented research. - More Information [Link]
Stop TB Partnership launches new initiative (TB REACH) to help countries increase TB case detection. The main objective of TB REACH is to promote early and increased case detection of infectious tuberculosis (TB) cases and ensure their timely treatment, while maintaining high cure rates within DOTS programmes. TB REACH will encourage the development and application of innovative, ground-breaking and efficient techniques, interventions, and activities that result in increased TB case detection, reduced transmission and prevention of the emergence of drug-resistant forms of TB. As suggested by its name, TB REACH will focus on reaching people who have limited or no access to TB services. - More Information [Link]

December 2009

In December 2009, the Stop TB Partnership's NDWG released a new publication entitled "Pathways to Better Diagnostics for Tuberculosis: A blueprint for the development of TB diagnostics." - More Information [Link]

November 2009

Workshop in Montreal on the GRADE approach for diagnostic tests (February 2010) - More Information [Link]
New study finds that research studies on diagnostic tests for TB, malaria and HIV are poorly conducted and reported - More Information [Link]
Faculty Candidate opportunity at Duke University and Duke Global Health Institute - More Information [link]

October 2009

Postdoc opportunity in TB diagnostic research at McGill University, Montreal - More Information [Link]

September 2009

APHL releases a self-assessment tool designed to assist laboratories in the assessment of the quality of their laboratory’s TB diagnostic practices - More Information [Link]

August 2009

New publication provides guidance on how to figure out the costs of TB diagnostic tests - More Information [Link]
Read the latest TDR News article "Evaluating diagnostics: Introducing evidence-based measures to an unregulated world" - More Information [Link]
Listen to a podcast on tuberculosis and open access publishing in the PLoS Medicine blog "Speaking of Medicine" - More Information [Link]
Now Available: Search Tool for New Diagnostics Information from TREAT-TB - More Information [Link]
A new modeling study looks at the epidemiological benefits of more-effective tuberculosis vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics - More Information [Link]

July 2009

New study explores the use of Mobile Phone Based Clinical Microscopy for Global Health Applications - More Information [Link]
Light-emitting diode technologies for TB diagnosis: a survey of what is on the market - More Information [Link]