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 Sputum Microscopy  Tuberculosis Cultures
 Tuberculin Skin Testing  Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT)
 Bacteriophage-Based Assays  IGRAs
 Rapid Tests for MDR-TB  Antigen Tests for TB
 Collection of Studies on TB Culture & DST Methods


Sputum Microscopy

Technical Guide: Sputum Examination for Tuberculosis by Direct Microscopy in Low Income Countries
IUATLD, 2000 - Download [Link]
Quality Smear Preparation for AFB
RIT, JATA 2005 - Download [Link]
Signature Mapping TBDx - Technical Data Sheet
Guardian Technologies - Download [Link][Video]

Tuberculosis Cultures

A Collection of Studies on Tuberculosis Culture Methods
FIND, BD [Link]
Capilia TB-Neo Pack Insert
Tauns Laboratories - Download [LinK]
MGIT Procedure Manual
FIND, BD - Download [Link]
BD BACTEC™ Instrumented Mycobacterial Growth Systems
BACTEC™ MGIT™ 960 and BACTEC 460TB - Download [Link]
bioMérieux SA, France - Download:
[Link]BacT/ALERT MP - [Link]BacT/ALERT Training Manual - [Link]
Thin Layer Agar (TLA)
Anandi Martin and Juan Carlos Palomino - Download [Link]

 Tuberculin Skin Testing

Tuberculin PPD RT23 SSI
SSI, Denmark - Download [Link]
Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Download [Link]
Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Testing
Global TB Institute, UMDNJ - Download [Link]

 Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT)

COBAS® TaqMan® MTB Test
cobas, Roche, USA - Download [Link]
AMPLIFIED MTD® (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Direct) Test
Gen-Probe, CA, USA - Download [Link]
COBAS® TaqMan® MTB Test
Roche Diagnostics - Download [Link]
Xpert MTB/RIF - Two hour detection of MTB and resistance to rifampicin
Cepheid, USA - Download [Link]
LightCycler Mycobacterium Detection Kit
Roche Diagnostics, Germany - Download [Link]
RealArt M. tuberculosis TM PCR Reagents kit
Abbott Molecular - Download [Link]

 Bacteriophage-Based Assays

Biotec Laboratories Ltd, UK - Download [Link]


QuantiFERON-TB Gold In Tube
Cellestis, Australia - Download [Link]
Oxford Immunotec, UK - Download [Link]

Rapid Tests for MDR-TB

SOP for CRI - Download [Link]
SOP for NRA - Download [Link]
SOP for MODS - Download [Link]
Hardy Diagnostics - Download [Link]
GenoType® MTBDRplus
Hain LifeScience, Germany - Download [Link]
Innogenetics, Belgium - Download [Link]
Nitrate Reductase Assay(NRA)
Anandi Martin and Juan Carlos Palomino - Download [Link]
Colorimetric Redox Indicator (CRI) Assay
Anandi Martin and Juan Carlos Palomino - Download [Link]
MODS: A User Guide
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru - Download [Link]

 Antigen Tests for TB

Clearview TB ELISA
Inverness Medical Innovations - Download [Link]
Alere TB LAM - Download [Link]